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KSS PRODUCTIONS, LLC is a film and television production and development company with offices in California, Tennessee, and New York.  KSS PRODUCTIONS, LLC maintains strong long term connections throughout the USA including Washington DC., North Carolina, Florida, The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Eastern Europe, Canada, and South America.

We are fortunate to be able to work alongside highly respected and creative professionals within this industry and have one objective, to always deliver outstanding and original content achieved through integrity, dignity, and a strong commitment to excellence.  By working together and helping others achieve their goals, we believe that we can all attain our highest potential.

We are ever mindful and fortunate that we come from a long line of highly respected and notable industry professionals who have achieved the highest levels of success and recognition by their peers and the Academy.  We strive to continue along the same path they took while embracing dignity, creativity, diversity, loyalty, an attitude of gratitude, and more importantly, respect both for and towards all.  We believe in, and always adhere to, POSITIVE thoughts, POSITIVE deeds, and POSITIVE actions.

KSS Productions, LLC
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